«Кобра» – Комплексные бизнес-решения в ключевых областях деятельности компании и надежный независимый партнер!
«COBRA» - provides integrated solutions in key business areas and become a trusted independent partner!
«Кобра» – это интегратор ключевых решений от руководителей высшего звена из разных отраслей.
«COBRA» - is the integrator of key decisions from the top level managers of different industries.
«Кобра» - гарантия полной объективности при осуществлении помощи бизнесу. Всегда на шаг впереди, чтобы быть первым!
«COBRA» - guarantee of full objectiveness whilst helpful to business. Always one step ahead in order to be first!
Wide range of integrated business solutions!
Управленческий Консалтинг
Management Consulting

Strategic consulting – detailed study of business perspectives of global and local markets, including marketing, operations, financial consulting and potential risks assessment.

Проектное Финансирование
Project Financing

Attraction of financial and strategic investors. Financing via Special Purpose Vehicles  (Special Project Financing Entity). Financing from foreign investors from China, West Europe and the Middle East.

Эфективное Планирование
Effective Planning

Business plan preparation for financial and strategic investors, banks, for participation in state financial support and state financing programs.

Инвестиционная деятельность
Investment activities

Assistance in selecting investment sites, in finding business partners. Assistance in obtaining legal registrations and permissions. Business and assets appraisal, including intangibles and real-estate for inside Russia and international deals.

Стратегия в области интеллектуальной собственности
Strategy relating to intellectual property

Intangible assets monetary outcome, technology commercialization, intellectual property licensing.

Оценка бизнеса и активов
Valuation of business and assets

Objective valuation of business, intangible assets  and real estate for domestic market and international transactions.

Выгодное размещение – ТОСЭР, СЭЗ, Индустриальные парки
Profitable placement - Territory of Advanced Social and Economic Development (TASED)/Special Economic Zone (SEZ) /Individual Entrepreneur (IE)

Minimum investment costs for business placement in TASED/SEZ/IE. Production placement in perspective industrial parks.

Государственно Частное Партнерство /Концессии
State Private Partnership (SPP) /Concessions

Assistance in project preparation in the concrete business field . Preparation of partnership conditions of SPP agreements and tender documentation preparation.

Антикризисное управление
Anti-crises management

Anti-crises management , including business  liquidation, reorganization and bankruptcy. Legal services in corporate law.

Помощь в разработке стратегии субъектов РФ
Assistance in RF regions strategy development

Assistance in preparation of long term economic plans of RF regions. Assistance in the attraction of strategic investors for regional programs.

Консультативные бизнес тренинги

Independent Directors

«If you would like to go quickly – go alone!
If you would like to go far – go together!»

Why in order to achieve the goals do we need go together?
  • With an integrated approach, each solution is converted into results. Joint efforts of business managers and partners bring synergy.
  • Independent Directors have valuable practical working experience in big Russian and multinational companies with real effective business management results!
We are working across Russia.
We've maintained the system and processes of cooperation with customers in the way that guarantee to the latter high quality RESULTS!
It is very important to define the task correctly and describe it's critical aspects.
Correct task definition and it's detailed study is the basis for it's success and achievement of high results.
“Beyond horizon” view is the strategic advantage.
It is necessary to have a trusted finance partner for business growth.
The amount of effort while interacting is greater than just sum of efforts.
The absence of correct business plans is “planned” failure.
Expert appraisal of business, fair appraisal of business assets.
It is important to choose the optimal place for business placement: residence in TASED,SEZ,IE.
Professional “hand “ of anti-crisis assistance.
The basis for sales growth is correct marketing and all round data analysis.
A successful future is the result of today’s integrated solutions.
The absence of integrated business solutions and system financing will lead to big shocks!

It is frequently heard from business owners that while managing big businesses they are in charge not only with strategic, but also with operational tasks. In other words, the owner is deeply involved in detailed business management. From one hand, he seems to be in charge of everything, from the other hand there is a high probability of him not noticing the negative trends in the business, as their roots have not appeared on the “surface”.
Usually changes are not initiated until “finance thunder“ sounds. Meanwhile, owners should be the first ones who see the real situation through the prism of the result and assessments of the business potential in a stable situation and understand the root cause of the problems before the crises appeared. The owners themselves should ask questions to the company’s management if the company and it’s departments are working effectively. The owners should evaluate management competencies, strategic risks and business potential.
It is necessary to remember that business is the “race without finish “. To be able to be part of it and even lead it , it is vital either to become professional in all spheres concerning your business and constantly develop yourself , or to attract professionals such as independent directors. Otherwise, the probability ” to fall behind” in the business race or even “get off the track” becomes very higher. Partnership with Independent directors, COBRA, will allow you to not only implement survival, but also a development strategy, via applying integrated business solutions in all areas of a company’s activities.

  • High profit.
  • Decrease of risks exposure.
  • The growth potential brings confidence in future.
Businesses, projects and facilities for investments.
Existing Businesses, Investment’s sites, Projects that are required both financial and strategic investors:
  • High Technology Business – production of fiber optic, electrical harnesses for Russian and foreign markets. There is high liquidity business without external debt (Cumulative Average Growth Rate is 24%).
  • Gold mining business in Far East.
  • Cheese factory from goat milk.
  • Shoes retail (41 shops).
  • Private Label for car’s accessories (1500 SKU’s) with wide presence in key retails.
  • Development project in Moscow suburbs (total capacity is 230K sq m)
  • Plot of land for building medical Centre (5000 sq m). (0,5 hectares Moscow, prospect Mira, 150 mln Rub).
  • Building of sanatorium in Yalta for investment in partnership.
  • Pharmaceutical generic production company with 52 licenses for making medicines.
  • AgroHolding - 46000 hectares for grain growing with own equipment (combines, tractors), own silo. Project of deep processing of grain with high value end products.
  • 1250 hectares of growing various agricultures in Moscow suburbs.
  • Cinema cluster (prototype of Mosfilm), 20 hectares, 20 km from Rosto-na-Donu.
  • Modernization of existing wood chipboards factory.
Investments for businesses and investment’s site.
Foreign and Russian investors are ready to invest to business or to acquire investment’s sites:
  • 180 000 hectares for growing grains, the minimum plot should not be less 40 hectares.
  • Infrastructure maintenance projects – roads, bridges, tunnels, including State Private partnership, concessions.
  • State Private Partnership for regions of laboratory's analysis centralization.
  • There are plots near Moscow underground stations for development projects with licenses for building constructions and without it (near Khamovniki underground station, from 20 acres of land).
  • The building with 250-500 sq m for elite medical clinic. The llocation of building is between Prechistinka and Novyi Arbat streets.
Business opportunities, partnerships, licenses.
Business Plans, Projects, Licenses:
  • Business Plans (Financial Model) for Detox Center (successful recreation medical complex).
  • For sales: Pharmaceutical distribution center (12 000sq.m) in Moscow Oblast, 23 km from Moscow, Ilynskoe road.
  • Mining farm in form of movable 20FCL container with ROI 110% per year.
  • The partnership with Merano Wine Festival (world leader in gourmets festivals) in setting up first Russian Festival of best “Wine and Food” of Russia.
  • License for production of unique and very successful package for different type of products (yogurts, muss, etc) – Crushpak.
We will be glad of the new partnership!
Success is not our target, as our target is BIG SUCCESS! Let's go to SUCCESS together !
COBRA Cobra – complex business resolution (decisions)
(the brief description of COBRA)
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